We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ashlin and I waited FOUR HOURS  in line on the opening day of the Museum of Ice Cream… and if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

Truth be told, I am so glad we waited it out! Let me walk through the delicious, Wonka-inspired ice cream museum:


First, we were greeted by this darling girl who sang clever remixes about ice cream (beautifully, by the way), all while scooping us up some Blue Marble vanilla ice cream with organic honey and FRUIT LOOPS (sponsored by Kellogg). The cereal gave a perfect crunch, yum.


The next room had this confectionery wizard making helium balloons out of SUGAR. Yeah, what?! Mind blown. After seeing a couple sugar balloons float to the ceiling, I knew I needed to grasp on to mine for dear life–there was no way I was letting that thing go.  Also, please notice and appreciate the waffle patterned wall behind him!


Pictured: Me, the sugar balloon, and a wall of perfectly placed waffle cones (that STILL smelt a bit like fresh waffles)!


One wall had this hanging ice cream cone light fixture! Still figuring out how to incorporate this into my new apartment… TBD.


The next room was all about breaking the world record for amount of scoops of ice cream in a single ice cream sundae. Guinness Book of World Records here we come, I’m making history! (Pic credit: Cosmopolitan because mine turned out blurry.)



The next room was the chocolate room and it was actually disappointing and doesn’t deserve a picture. It had a few beanbags covered with little Dove chocolate candies and a chocolate fountain, but I wasn’t super impressed. The NEXT room, however, was the main act. THE SPRINKLE POOL. Yes, a full-size swimming pool complete with a diving board (shown below) and beach balls. Straight heaven and great for selfies (as shown above).




In the next room they had us take a pill that messed with our tastebuds to make sour things taste only sweet for about one hour.  Then they gave us this ice cream with a lemon on top, and while eating the lemon whole, I didn’t even flinch! This was a miracle and almost freaked me out! How did they do it? I probably won’t ever know.




Instagram-worthy walls everywhere.



Last but not least, the Scooper teeter-totter and the ice cream sandwich swing! (Photo cred: Cosmopolitan, again, these of mine turned out bad.)

All of my wildest dreams really did come true here. I died and went to Ice Cream heaven! If you can somehow snag a ticket to the last few days of the exhibit, I strongly encourage it!

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