Our 3-Month Travel Itinerary

After posting on Instagram about leaving on our big trip one year ago, I had lots of you asking what our travel itinerary was! Feel free to use this for ideas but I want to stress that absolutely none of this was planned ahead of time. We only had our flight to Thailand and decided we would just change locations when we felt like it. All of the flights and trains were purchased one or two days before departure to the next place!

Lots of people like to plan everything ahead of time. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am certainly a planner for almost everything in life, so I think that’s fantastic! Purchasing flight and train tickets in advance is likely to be cheaper than last-minute. So I’m not saying our way was the best way, but it sure was a lot of fun making these decisions on a whim. I loved the flexibility of being able to stay as long as we wanted in each city we traveled to. (Side note– Dillon and I originally talked about possibly staying in Thailand for one month, then France for one month, and then London for the final month. As you will see below, we caught the travel bug and that didn’t happen. Good thing we didn’t buy the flights for our original plan in advance!)

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  1. San Francisco and Big Sur Road Trip (Car): We had to get to LAX for our flight to Thailand so we decided to make a trip to San Francisco and drive down the Big Sur coastline (stopping in Monterey, Carmel, San-Luis-Obispo, Solvang and Santa Barbara)–5 days
  2. Los Angeles, California (Car): Went to Disneyland and a wedding!–4 days
  3. Bangkok, Thailand (Flight)– 2 days
  4. Krabi, Thailand (Flight)– 10 days
  5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Flight)– 3 days
  6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia (Flight)–5 days
  7. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Flight)– 1 day
  8. Hong Kong (Flight)–4 days
  9. Prague, Czech Republic (Flight)–4 days
  10. Budapest, Hungary (Train)–4 days
  11. Milan, Italy (Train)–4 days
  12. Paris, France (Flight)–7 days
  13. French Riviera (Overnight Train): Stayed at a home base in Nice, France, but took the bus rides to Cannes, Eze, Monte Carlo, Villefrance and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat–7 days
  14. Rome, Italy (Flight)–4 days
  15. Florence, Italy (Train)–3 days
  16. Venice, Italy (Train): Spent a couple days in Venice before departing on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise!–2 days
  17. Ravenna, Italy: Day 2 of cruise–1 day
  18. Kotor, Montenegro: Day 3 of cruise–1 day
  19. Athens, Greece: Day 5 of cruise–1 day
  20. Santorini, Greece: Day 6 of cruise–1 day
  21. Mykonos, Greece: Day 7 of cruise–1 day
  22. Corfu, Greece: Day 8 of cruise–1 day
  23. Venice, Italy: Departure from the 10-day cruise–1 day
  24. London, England (Flight): 7 days
  25. Los Angeles, California (Flight): Ended the trip with some days at the beach and a LAPD helicopter ride over the city!–3 days

Sounds like a lot when I lay it out like that, but we truly didn’t want it to end! If you ever have the chance to take work or school off, please do! Traveling creates memories that are more valuable than anything tangible.

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